Crans-Montana, a route for each person

Situated on a plateau at an altitude of 1,450 metres, Crans-Montana is ideally placed and offers an impressive range of activities ranging from horse trials, to ski championships, golf, snowboard competitions and also some fantastic mountain bike tracks!

Text : Alban Aubert
Photos : Patrice Schreyer

The grass has grown again. At the summit of the Cry d’Er cableway, two choices are open to the mountain biking enthusiast: Chetseron or Mont-Lachaux. These are the two official downhill tracks from the resort. They group together all the intense sensations that a fanatic seeks: refined turns, a choice of routes, transfers, jumps, routes through the forest,… We note that the Chetseron piste is reserved for confirmed pilots whilst that of Mont-Lachaux is accessible to all mountain bikers, who enjoy cycling around the terrain. At the end of the two pistes, it is possible to have fun on a North-Shore zone (wooden bridges up high) with four routes of different levels, which provide enjoyment for all. All the variations are well thought out and the obstacles are achievable without the need to calculate your speed.

Price: 29 francs (18 euros) a day and 23 (14.5 euros) for half a day.

Rental: Alex Sports

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